campaign priorities

A high-quality education experience for all students will prepare Arizona's next generation of leaders

Quality of life, opportunities throughout life, and better individual outcomes professionally and personally can be derived from quality long-term education

Providing a high-quality education experience for all preapares our next generation of Arizona leaders and attracts high-wage employers. As a parent of children who attended Chandler Unified School District's Perry High School, I understand the importance of guaranteeing our classrooms' access to resources and children's access to the best education and best teachers to improve individual outcomes in their future.

Ron Hardin's Priorities

Education and Arizona's Future

As your State Representative, I pledge to:

the focus

Strengthen our 21st-century education system

supporting our Southeast Valley's strong education options by ensuring our P-20 pipeline's access to opportunity and technology

Promote successful post-secondary pathways to employment opportunities

including partnerships with our community colleges and certificate-oriented programs to expedite access to the job market

Encourage further partnerships with our local aerospace and technology industry

to foster the next generation of science, technology, engineering, and math talent to grow a modern workforce

Leverage budget surplusses to fully fund education

while ensuring meaningful assessments and accountability standards

Ensure our school districts' control and flexibility

to fund localized needs, including special and gifted education, while ensuring transparency and accountability