campaign priorities

It is imperative to foster a business-friendly ecosystem

Creating an inviting business environment with a growing economy, well-trained workforce, and entrepreneur-centric environment 

Fostering a business-friendly ecosystem incentivizes businesses to make Arizona and our Southeast Valley home, driving our Arizona economy forward. As a local business owner, it is the driving force behind why I chose the Southeast Valley as my base for almost 30 years.

Ron Hardin's Priorities

Responsible Economic Development

As your State Representative, I pledge to:

the focus

Champion access to capital for small businesses

as well as fight for the elimination of predatory lending

Advance innovative policies that drive Arizona's economy

which will promote higher wage jobs and increase technology investment

Strengthen workforce development policies through expansion

of public-private partnerships, collaborative grant programs, and workforce training systems

Promote a competitive regulatory environment

that eliminates outdated and over-burdensome 20th-century regulations

Minimize tax burdens and maximize fiscal responsibility

to protect Arizona's competitive tax rate